09.00-12.15      HALL G



DIABESITY (Working Group researching on the nephrological impact
in relation to diabetes and obesity)

Diabetes and obesity in renal disease

Chairs: Esteban Porrini, La Laguna, Spain
             Manuel Praga, Madrid, Spain

The effect of weight loss in obesity and chronic kidney disease
Enrique Morales, Madrid, Spain
Renal lipotoxicity: evidence of lipid deposits in human kidneys
Esteban Porrini, La Laguna, Spain
Glycemic control in patients with kidney disease: how to individualize the treatment
Drazenka Pongrac Barlovic, Ljubljana, Slovenia
NAFLD and microalbuminuria in the Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity Study
Aiko De Vries, Leiden, The Netherlands
Macrophages and diabetic kidney disease
Josep Cruzado, Barcelona, Spain
The role of glomerular hyperfiltration in renal disease in obesity and diabetes
Avry Chagnac, Petah Tikva, Israel


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