09.00-12.15    HALL K




ERN (European Renal Nutrition Working Group)

As we grow old - nutritional considerations for the CKD elderly patient

Chairs: Denis Fouque, Lyon, France
             Pablo Molina, Valencia, Spain

The growing population of elderly dialysis patients: prevalence and consequences of proteinenergy wasting
Siren Sezer, Ankara, Turkey
Diagnosing protein-energy wasting in the elderly dialysis patient: Should it be any different from younger patients?
Lina Johansson, London, United Kingdom
Nutritional requirements and nutritional management of elderly dialysis patients: should it
be any different from younger patients?
Daniel Teta, Lausanne, Switzerland
Sarcopenia and frailty in the elderly dialysis patient: concepts of clinical applicability or just
theoretical artifacts?
Juan Jesus Carrero, Stockholm, Sweden
Physical activity in the elderly dialysis patient
Anne Kolko-Labadens, Suresnes, France
Treating the whole patient: Emphasizing quality of life
Vincenzo Bellizzi, Salerno, Italy
Dialysis technique choice for the elderly dialysis patient: impact on nutritional status
Pieter M. ter Wee, Ansterdam, The Netherlands


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